Vintage Fashion Expectations of the 1900s

Love! Corsets Vintage Corset Adverts.

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Glamour girl from the 1950’s and pin up Betty Brosmer who had the amazing hourglass figure of: 38-18-36 (inches). Here she has the most tiny waist, I know a lot more clothes were handmade in the fifties, but wow it would be hard to dress to figure like that off the peg!

Betty Brosmer - Love for Pin Up


Per research it was the Victorians who first started a trend for tightlacing (or waist training) which is the art of seriously reducing waist size by cinching the waist with a corset. Corsets in the early Victorian era (1840s) were steel boned and girls often had to start wearing (and sleeping in) them from as young as 8 years old. However as the century progressed a movement towards ‘rational dress’ thankfully emerged and, as you can see, lots of these corsets adverts which range from  1870-1900 are advertised as ‘healthy’.





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