About Us


Christine Feldmann

Rio Designs is owned and run by Christine Feldmann, Founder and with her excellent expertise she has a perfect eye for color, style and the ability to graphically represent your brand. As part of the global community, Christine is a regular contributor to Charitable Organizations and Foundations to Support Communities in Need. Being medically and environmentally conscious is an inherent characteristic of her leadership model. http://2012riodesigns.com/

Debbie Abazia

Debbie Abazia has gained recognition as an innovative fashion model on the New Jersey Shore. She helps clients create low-cost, effective PR campaigns that differentiate their business services through the visual arts. Debbie has been a professional model since 1998 and has an array of experiences. She has worked coast to coast with seasoned photographers and customers. Debbie is passionate about environmental issues, and has been heavily involved with the Ocean Conservancy since 2000. http://debbieabazia.com/


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